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What are challenges when introducing Scrum?

Implementing self-organization (e.g., Daily Scrum) can be challenging. Developers and employees have to give up their established positions in the company and accept those of the Scrum project management method. This can lead to resentment, uncertainty and fear. Pilot projects can lead to getting to know the Scrum project management method. Facts, metrics can convince, so that the Scrum project management method is more efficient than original developer models such as the waterfall model.

The premises need to be adapted to let Scrum teams work in one room. The space needs to be adapted to hang information radiators. The marketing department needs to be prepared for rapid release cycles. The payment model may need to be adjusted for developers. Payment for individual services may need to be adjusted to a collective payment model. There must be a willingness of steady growth (Inspect and Adapt). A culture of communication must prevail that leads to improvement.

Positive feedback on own and external performance must be lived constantly, company-wide. The Scrum Master must motivate the change and orient himself to the Scrum Guide and remind of the concepts. Events like in the Sprint must take place constantly, if also criticism or a wrong interpretation of the rules prevails. The Scrum Master must mediate in conflicts as a person.

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