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How is the role of a product owner defined in Scrum in agile software development?

The product owner organizes the task plan. He develops and communicates the product goal. He monitors the pursuit of the goals and the vision. He communicates and creates tasks in the task plan. He sets priorities in the task plan and ensures that the tasks are transparent, visible or accessible and can be understood. The challenge lies in the prioritization or the description of the tasks. The product owner must be given so much influence that he can autonomously decide which tasks can be prioritized higher and which lower. The organization must respect the decisions of the product owner (whether CEO or CTO). The product owner is the mouthpiece between stack holders (whether developers or management).

Sematrain - Software Engineering & Management Training certified via to the EXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner. Training is provided on the Product Owner role according to the Scrum Guide.

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