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How is the Scrum team defined in agile software development?

In agile Scrum, there are three roles after Scrum Guide 2020 which form the Scrum team:

The introduction of Scrum can be associated with difficulties bspw. can exist in established, older and entrenched companies departments that work together only conditionally (establishment of silos). Scrum requires the right attitude, the courage to create new things, to reject them and to allow experimentation. Scrum is simple, deliberately incomplete, and aims at the collective intelligence of people.

The Scrum team is small (5-9 participants; by avoiding social laziness) and is multidisciplinary in structure to be able to develop a product such as a website, app or refrigerator in all task spectrums (testing, developing the software). The Scrum team must have sufficient skills. Scrum teams organize themselves independently and on their own responsibility. The Scrum team focuses on a product goal. Scrum teams must communicate well and be in the same room. It is attempted after each sprint, a period of one to four weeks of development time to create a functional increment (for example, a functionality of a software specified by the product owner) which creates a verifiable value. There are no hierarchies in a Scrum team. All Scrum members work together to create a product backlog, a task list of software or hardware features.

When creating a Scrum team, existing position titles (such as architect, engineer, or designer) remain in place. The roles are used to define a Scrum team, the framework of a Scrum project, and aims to promote the effectiveness and productivity of a Scrum team. A Scrum team is an interdisciplinary team and is difficult to assemble. The more complex and difficult the projects are, the more difficult it is to assemble an interdisciplinary team.

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