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What are Events in a Sprint in Scrum?

The events of Scrum take place within a Sprint. A Sprint is a time box of one-four-week schedulable project cycles. Shorter Sprints are preferred. For teams not working full-time on a project, four-week Sprints are used.

At the beginning, Sprint planning takes place with the developers and product owner, where the tasks and priorities of the tasks for the next four weeks are planned in the task plan or back-log. Several teams can work on one back-log or task plan. Daily scrums or dailies are held on a daily basis. Daily Scrums are short fifteen minute meetings with status report and the daily tasks.

At the end of the Sprint, a review meeting is held. The stack holders are invited and feedback is given and it is decided which further tasks should be handled. At the end of a Sprint a retro perspective meeting takes place where the Scrum team reflects on the last Sprint. Learnings, mistakes, delays and improvements are discussed during the retroperspective.

Each Sprint is followed by another Sprint. If there are several teams, a Sprint should end at the same time. If the Sprint goal cannot be met by the development team, the product owner can terminate the Sprint with a vote of the teams. Burn-down charts provide a representation of the team's progress within the Sprint. Adjustments to the project goals can take place during the Sprint.

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