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What is Sprint Planning in Scrum?

In the planning meeting, the developers have determined with the product owner which tasks will be included in the task plan or back log. Sprint planning takes place at the beginning of a sprint, where the Scrum team meets. The product owner has already prepared the task plan or back-log before the meeting. It is clarified which tasks can be processed during the sprint. It is clarified how the tasks are mastered. It is clarified which creation of value can be made possible by the Sprint (e.g. to previous Sprints). The sum of the tasks is determined by the developers and the product owner. The Definition of Done of the increment is defined which is reviewed in the review meeting. Sprint Planning is timeboxed - Sprint Planning may last a maximum of 8 hours for a four-week Sprint. For shorter sprints, sprint planning should be one hour per week of sprint duration. A Sprint Backlog can also be updated after Sprint Planning later in the project.

The Scrum Master organizes the meeting space and invites the Product Owner and the development team. The Scrum Master moderates the meeting with the Product Owner having primary responsibility for the meeting. The Product Owner must have prepared the User Stories to be discussed. The development team can use Story Points to determine and sort the effort of the User Stories. More story points mean more effort. The goal of the meeting is to have a clear idea of the increment (potential features of the software or hardware to be delivered), the overarching goal of the Sprint.

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