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What is an increment in Scrum?

One or more increments are parts of a product and must be functional after a Sprint. The increment must meet the criteria of the Definition of Done, which was defined during Sprint Planning for the increment, after one Sprint. After each Sprint new functions and improvements are worked on so that after each Sprint an Increment with your finished User Stories should be reached (a dragging and reworking of User Stories is the consequence). For the product owner, a valuable team and increment after a sprint must be the goal. The Definition of Done for the User Stories must be clearly defined by the Product Owner. Independent functions and user stories are the goal, so that a clear resource plan and task plan can be created and procrastination can be avoided. More increments can be created within the sprint.

The Definition of Done (DoD). Quality criteria and acceptance criteria are defined in the Product Backlog or on the Sticky Note for each feature or function. The Definition of Done is a definition of quality criteria and acceptance criteria which applies to all features or functions. It is regulated by DoD how long a feature is worked on. The Definition of Done may contain the following points: Type or frequency of testing, frequency of integration, documentation effort, performance specifications, maintainability of the code. The goal of following Definition of Done is to create a potentially shippable increment.

A sprint can be completed according to the Definition of Done as follows:

Completion of a Sprint in Jira

Completion of a sprint after completion of the user stories in Jira

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