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What is the Daily Scrum in Scrum?

The Daily Scrum or Daily is a meeting that is a maximum of fifteen minutes long and focuses on the progress of the next day. It takes place while standing. Daily Scrum enables focus on current goals and self-management. The Daily Scrum promotes transparency. The Daily Scrum is deliberately kept short. The developers can clarify further details about the daily tasks after the Daily Scrum. The Daily Scrum should take place at the same time and place. The Daily Scrum is an important meeting for the coordination in the team. A Born-Down Charts helps to reflect the current project status and plan new tasks.

The Daily Scrum should not be seen as a place of accountability but as a transparent discussion of the problems encountered in the previous day. The following three questions should be addressed:

Transparency ensures that the problem can be identified and collaboratively worked on problem solutions. Disruptions should be avoided, especially by means of Scrum Master. In the Daily Scrum are, as desired, the entire development team. The Product Owner can inform himself about the current state. Stack holders are also desired. The Daily Scrum should take place at the same time. Solved problems and successes should be noticed and celebrated by all project participants.

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